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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Pact With Satan

For the past few generations we Christians have, metaphorically speaking, made a “pact with Satan”. In order to indulge in the pleasures of the secular world, we have agreed to compartmentalize our religious beliefs and responsibilities, restricting the time and manner of their expression so as not to conflict with the world-at-large. Expressions such as the following are used to illustrate our appeasement:

“Don’t talk about religion in the workplace.”

“Sure I’m a Christian, but business is business.”

“I don’t want to force my views onto others.”

Some of these self-restrictions are useful. For example, standing on a street corner dressed like Robinson Crusoe and screaming that people should repent is a turnoff and should be frowned upon. However, in our efforts to “get along” and to avoid forcing our beliefs on others—or is it really to avoid forcing our beliefs on ourselves—we have virtually compartmentalized Christ out of our lives, making him welcome only in our homes and our churches. Little did we realize that by voluntarily restricting Christ’s presence in our own lives that we have provided anti-Christian forces with the ammunition needed to purge Christianity from our society. An example of how well these forces have succeeded can be found in the recent Supreme Court decision to reject hearing a case involving “a school district's censorship of a kindergartener's choice of literature for a class reading.”

In 2004, during an “All About Me” activity at Culbertson Elementary School in Pennsylvania, parents were allowed to read a passage from their child’s favorite book. Parent Donna Busch wanted to read Psalm 118 because her son, Wesley, chose the Bible as his favorite book. According to Busch’s legal representative, the Rutherford Institute, the principal said “she could not read from the Bible in the classroom because it was against the law and that the reading would violate the separation of church and state." The institute also reported that not only did the teacher offer Ms. Busch a book about witchcraft, witches, and Halloween to read instead, but she also allowed another parent to read a book about Judaism and to teach the children a dreidel game.

The school district supported the decision made Culbertson’s principal, as did a U.S. District Court and a Third Court of Appeals.

Expect this discriminatory judicial ruling to be only the beginning. There are those who seek to bury Christianity alongside Greek and Roman Mythology as relics of ancient history. This legal decision will empower them to push our society further down the slippery slope leading to the outright banning of Christian practices. Think I am being ridiculous or paranoid? A generation ago it would have been unthinkable that a Christian could be prohibited from displaying a nativity on public property. Try doing that today. Do not underestimate the danger of this slippery slope.

Funny thing about pacts with the Devil: they seldom resemble what was agreed to.


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