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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fat Chance

Fat chance. That is effectively what a Weight Watchers lawsuit asserts about Jenny Craig’s recent advertising claims. In its latest commercials Jenny Craig makes reference to “a study comparing Weight Watchers current weight-loss program and Jenny Craig's pre-packaged meals system.” Weight Watchers argues that no study exists.

What’s that? A company is stretching the truth in its advertising? I am shocked, shocked to find that corporations deceive consumers in their marketing campaigns.

"’It is outrageous that Jenny Craig is trying to trick and fool consumers through this blatantly misleading advertising campaign, which makes clearly false and unsupported claims,” said David Kirchhoff, President and CEO of Weight Watchers.

If Jenny Craig’s commercials are fictitious you cannot blame Weight Watchers for objecting to them; yet, I don’t think it is wise to waste much time and energy on the issue. After all, do any consumers still believe the information peddled by advertisers? I assume there is a tacit “Buyer Beware” agreement between merchants and consumers, so I believe virtually nothing I see on commercials. However, I guess there are others who are more gullible.

Perhaps the two weight-loss system heavyweights can settle this out of court. Otherwise, a judge will decide who is the “Biggest Loser”.

Yeah, that was awful. I know.


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