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Monday, January 4, 2010

Doesn't That Cause Cancer?

The National Institute of Health just released a frightening report declaring that living causes cancer. Dr. Al Armist announced yesterday that a five-year study has proven that those who age increase their risk of cancer exponentially.

Pretty silly, huh?

Admit it. I had you believing it for a moment.

Is there anything over the past 30 years that has not been linked to cancer? Besides those warnings that appear legitimate, such as the dangers of smoking and exposure to pesticides, we have also been given specious, and often contradictory, warnings. Remember when drinking milk was said to increase your cancer risk? Eggs were also listed as taboo. And nothing is more confusing than estrogen. Menopausal women are told that taking estrogen decreases their risk of uterine, ovarian, and possibly even colon cancer, but that it increases their chances of breast cancer. How’s that for a trade? And let us not forget that brain cancer awaits us all because of our cell phone usage.

Well, according to a study by the University of California in San Francisco, CT scans can also be added to the list of possible cancer-causing demons. The study asserts that large doses of radiation from CT scans “may cause 29,000 new cancers a year--and 14,500 deaths.” Although these diagnostic tests can find cancers, repeated exposure to them increases the risk of cancer because of the level of radiation the patient absorbs over time. Radiologists agree that doctors should be better-educated about CT scan dangers, but they also warn that “the risk of getting cancer from CT radiation is still smaller than being in a car accident or getting hit crossing the street”.

How long will it be before those things are declared cancer risks?


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