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Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Our President Oblivious?

Is our president oblivious or does he simply not care about the impact his gestures have on the American public? One thing is certain: whatever his motivation, President Obama’s actions often leave observers scratching their heads in disbelief.

Seven months ago the president created an uproar by bowing to the Saudi king. Bowing to a foreign leader would bring grief to any U.S. president, but what made this especially upsetting is Obama’s ties to Islam. (A similar reaction would be elicited were a Roman Catholic American president to kiss the papal ring). Yet, despite the fury his bow generated, President Obama did it again. This time he chose to bow to Japanese Emperor Akihito. Why?

The president has spent the past several months apologizing for America’s past indiscretions, legitimate and imagined. Maybe his bows are a show of humility to those he believes we have wronged. Perhaps the bows are nothing more than signs of respect. After all there is no reason to assume that our president has evil intentions. Yet, one wonders how he can be so mindful of showing respect to the world community, but act so callously to Americans?

Case in point: Last week 14 people were murdered at Fort Hood allegedly by Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan. The president first addressed the massacre while attending a Tribal Nations Conference in Oklahoma. Instead of opening the Ft Hood tragedy press conference by offering his condolences to the victims, the president first thanked Kevin Calvey and the Department of Interior, and then gave “a shout out” to a Congressional Medal of Honor winner. It wasn’t until two minutes into the press conference that the president even mentioned the bloodbath. Stunning, truly stunning.

Aren’t any of those high-powered administration publicists warning him that he is alienating the American people? Or have they warned him and been summarily ignored? One cannot blame Americans for wondering whether their president lacks empathy for the very people who elected him. People criticized President Clinton for not making a decision without first polling the public. I’m sure those same people would rather have a president who cares too much about their opinions than one who doesn’t seem to care at all.

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