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Thursday, November 19, 2009

But It's Still Just A Big Mac

Does a Big Mac or a Filet-O-Fish taste better when you are seated on Danish furniture? The owners of a McDonald’s restaurant in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea think so. The fast-food establishment’s European flair is meant to appeal to the younger crowd. Throw in some flat-screen TVs and free wi-fi and you have the hippest hamburger joint in NYC.

“The eatery is outfitted with outlets for plugging in laptops, upholstered vinyl chairs instead of Fiberglas seats bolted to the floor, subdued lighting and employees whose all-black uniforms suggest a hip boutique.”

It is an interesting marketing ploy. At the very least customers will flock to the fast-food out of curiosity. The problem will be getting them to return. The décor may be European, but the menu is not. Patrons are offered the same menu they’d be given at any other McDonald’s restaurant.

And unfortunately a Quarter Pounder will not sit any easier in your belly because you are sitting in an “urban designed” chair.

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