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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The World's Bogeymen

The liberal media salivates at any opportunity to attack Christians and/or Christianity. Case in point: the recent arrests of nine members of a Christian militia group called Hutaree. These were dangerous people, but to say they are anything but an oddity is disingenuous. Yet, considering the amount of media coverage the arrests have received--and the dire warnings about the growing danger of far-right (read: Christian) Americans--you would think this anti-government fringe movement was as widespread as the Bolshevik Revolution. The truth is that in our world Christians are more likely to be IN danger because of their religion than they are of being A danger because of it. Don't believe it?

These are headlines from just the past two weeks:
    • India Pastor Jailed For Converting Hindus, Corpse Exhumed
    • Over Dozen Christians Killed In Nigeria
    • Over 1,000 Anti-Christian Attacks In Indian State, report
    • Pakistan Burned Christian Dies At 38; Christians Protest
    • Somalia Militants Kill Church Leader; Crackdown On "Non-Islamic Culture"
    • China Christian Dissident Gao Zhisheng "Alive"
Keep these headlines in mind the next time the media downplays the threats of Islamic fundamentalism and nuclear-armed rogue governments, and instead tries to portray Christians as the world's bogeymen.


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