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Thursday, December 17, 2009

M.T.A. - More Thievery Again

M.T.A. officials should be publicly flogged.

How can a corporation that holds a virtual monopoly over NYC’s transportation system constantly find itself in debt? Every few years the subway and bus fares rise, the bridge and tunnel tolls jump, and yet the M.T.A. cries poverty. These M.T.A. officials are either the most corrupt individuals this side of Tammany Hall, or they are the most incompetent.

And while these executives continue to rake in six-figure salaries, the average NY-er will be inconvenienced by fewer subway and bus lines, and poorer service—all while knowing that a potential fare hike is always lurking in the background. And let’s not forget the royal screwing being inflicted on NY families. Our esteemed Gov Patterson, along with NY state senators and assemblymen, slashed Albany’s payments to the M.T.A. for the "the costs of the reduced fare for school children program." Albany was giving $45 million but now will only give $6 million. The M.T.A. board responded by voting to eliminate the free subway and bus passes for students.

Have we reached the tipping point, the moment when the “Powers-That-Be” understand nothing short of civil disobedience? Do NY-ers in mass numbers have to jump subway turnstiles without paying and drive through toll booths without stopping for our elected officials to take notice?

Perhaps the M.T.A. , our governor, and the usual suspects who inhabit Albany would respond differently if their personal bank accounts were raided to solve the M.T.A.’s perpetual financial deficits?

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